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Have you ever dreamed of being on your own secluded island surrounded only by nature?

Motu Fareone on which Villa Corallina is located, is a stunning little island inlaid like a green jewel into crystal-clear, turquoise waters of Moorea’s famous lagoon, just across the channel from the main island of  Moorea that offers a haven of peace and intimacy.
Motu Fareone is not just any resort. It is a private island where the owners live and rent out just that single Villa to their lucky guests.
So don’t go expecting restaurants, swimming pools, shopping malls, discos or loud motors sports here – you just won’t get any.
There are no roads here, only coconut groves, white coral’s sand beaches, sunsets that set fire to endless horizons and marine worlds too spectacular to capture in words.

This is where you really do get away from it all. Your Robinson Crusoe dream can be realized here.

motu-by-moorea.jpg motu-est.jpg motu-fareone.jpg
motu-sky.jpg motu-west.jpg motu-canal.jpg
Perfectly quiet, quietly perfect...