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If you like big hotels, lots of people around and an ordinary vacation, then Moorea is not for you. Moorea receives fewer tourists in 1 year then Hawaii gets in 1 week! There are no mega resort in Moorea, few tourists to be seen: you will have the entire magical environment basically to yourself.
  2000, Conde Nast Traveler Magazine rated Moorea as the most beautiful  island in the world.

Its  incredible beauty, which includes the sand fringed islets sitting  on the reef, the stunning multi-hued lagoon that surrounds the island, the celebrated Cook's Bay, the pineapple and vanilla plantations:  an outdoor lover's paradise.

Moorea has not lost any of its authenticity. Its has remained a savage and enchanting place where many myths came to life.

Moorea is that island getaway you have always dreamed of, and Villa Corallina is hidden in the most beatiful place of this Garden of Eden.

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A privileged place, for  privileged few...